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Expressions Exhibition 2014

This year we had our end of the school year exhibition, Expressions, on the bridge area of the Corcoran Gallery. Below you can enjoy some moments of the reception, including the project inspiration tour, the student led tour of their own artwork, the art making activities and the filming of the video portrait (which will be posted later!).

This has been an exciting year in which we explored our environmental impact, symbolism to frame our identity, the creation of personal and universal space and translated it all into our artwork. We can’t wait until our next artistic adventure!

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Ending The Semester With Great Art

This week marked  the last class of the semester. Where does the time go? It seemed like it was just yesterday that we began the semester! The students made the best of their limited time and continued on with their buildings’ murals. I must say, that they all turned out beautifully and I’m very proud of them! I hope the students had a good time this semester, and I hope they continue on with their art. Each one of them is very talented and I don’t think I’d be far off in saying that if they continue on the path of working with art, they could very well be great artists and designers in the future. I had fun this semester, and once again, I’m proud of everyone! ‘Til next time!

Leah Sims- TA

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What does your building look like?

Last Monday was all about painting the mural on the students’ buildings and each student worked hard make their’s stand out. The murals were supposed to be about things that the students didn’t like about their neighborhood and there were a few things we could all agree upon that comes with living in the city. Lots of students painted scenes of noisy neighbors and cars, while others painted scenes of overflowing trash that attracted little critters. It was interesting to see and hear what the students said about their neighborhoods. Practically all of them agreed that they really liked where they lived and that they wouldn’t mind staying if it were not for the issues they painted onto their buildings. Overall, the students had fun painting their murals and surprisingly, didn’t want to stop! I was amazed at how diligent and determined each student was in finishing their murals- it was the Thanksgiving week after all and kids are usually ready to go home and enjoy the break with lots of food! But not these kids. These kids seem to really love what they do at Sitar, and that makes them awesome! ‘Til next time!

Leah Sims- TA

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“They look so plain!”


After finishing up a few paintings and their murals, this week’s class was about starting the process of painting the box (or building) for their final mural. “They look so plain!” one student said after being presented with a drab looking box. Yet, they wouldn’t be drab after long! Each student started with a medium sized, grey box and was instructed to draw and paint the necessary details of a building. Each student’s building was very unique. Some painted dog houses on the side, others painted balconies, while a few painted flowers at the bottom. One student even turned her building into a technicolor dream house! It was exciting to see what came out of the students’ minds while painting what their ideal building would look like. Each student took the time and effort to make their building look really nice! Of course, time flies while you’re having fun, so we had to clean our spaces. No one wanted to stop, but they all did a good job of helping me and Mr. Tang clean up! I can’t wait to see what each student comes up with in the next class! ‘Til next time!

Leah Sims- TA

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Week 6: More making animals and the metal tree

The Galley show is coming along nicely for the students in TheArc ArtReach program. The Master Class and the younger class are really putting their best foot forward in reference to creating an excellent show. The students still approach their assignments with their usual vigor. We even had some visitors help us out last saturday! It is such an exciting time when we can come together and work as a community to build something amazing. The students are making endangered animals out of recyclables that are native to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. They are coming up with lizards, birds, and foxes to say the least. I think it is also exciting how they use chicken wire and paper mache as a binder. You guys should be pretty excited about what your kids are doing in this environment. They are becoming awesome sculptors!

A side note: A video projection is in the works to add to the gallery show and all that jazz. Stay tuned!

Elana ArtReachTA :-)

Photos taken by: Tara Malik

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Week 5: Animals and the Metal Tree


In Week 5, we begin to think critically about the metal installation tree in the TheArc gallery, and its inhabitants. The students began to gather ideas and research for their animals. The idea was to think about animals on the brink of extinction or on the endangered species list. Very interesting ideas flourished. Students gathered research that ranged from turtles to wolves. The students used the ideas and technical skill they gathered from creating the wall to create these animals. They are indeed recycled endangered animals.

What I found interesting was the unraveling of the chicken wire as me and Margo tackled the tree. It was huge and we had a simple mission. The mission was to cover the tree with recycled stuff. I used many plastic bags. They were small. They were large. They were indeed colorful. The students never made it to the tree, but I think they will next class. We are making more and more headway on the exhibit. We are truly excited to show you what we have and will come up with.


ArtReach TA :-)


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Week 4: The Field Trip!

Last week, TheArc Master class went to see Mia Feuer install her work live at the Corcoran Museum. A bus, goldfish crackers, and a building was involved in getting there. The exhibit was closed off to the public, but we weren’t any public. We were the Master class. So, we got the first look inside of what the exhibit was going to look like. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, but lets just say it had an unkindness to it. The objects floating in the air were deceptively weighty in appearance, and extremely overwhelming. In another room where her art is being held lies this big structure and this sled. Again, I do not want to spoil it for you guys, but the atmosphere is both cold and emotional. The students responded with comparisons to Halloween, dark themes, and birds.

Mia led the discussion of her art and answered the hard hitting questions. The students were really interested in the structure of the art and how it stands and lasts through nature. There were also questions about her thought process. How did she come with her ideas and if they started out as drawings. Most of the students were in awe of the art and didn’t have a lot to say just really taking in the art work. The students also created diseased catfish. Well, catfish with tumors. They were scary, they were sad. They were really sad, but these are conversations that we must have! And, I also think that it served as a learning experience for the students who have to demonstrate the creation process. It was an exciting exhibit and experience for the students. Can’t wait to see you Saturday!



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“Will we be outside painting buildings?”

This Monday’s class was a special one because we had a special guest! Marco Vera was in the classroom finishing up some work and decided to stick around to see what the students were doing. Vera is the founder of Mexecali Rose, an organization in Pueblo Nuevo, Mexico, created to give young people access to artistic media. The students got to see his and Fernando Corona’s work at the Corcoran yesterday. It was very exciting to know that he was curious about the class’ project. In excitement, Mr. Tang whipped out a cardboard box and a few photos of mural paintings to show Marco and the class exactly what they would be doing. After the students are to complete their drawings of their murals, they will proceed to paint them onto the cardboard box (the building). Some of the students admitted that they were hoping to actually paint onto a building. I was secretly hoping that too, but maybe sometime in future the students will get a chance to do so. Things are shaping up to be an exciting semester and I hope everyone is having so much fun! And thank you Marco, for sticking around! ‘Til next time!

Leah Sims- TA

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Week 3: Painting the Trash wall and Clips

Hello Readers,

This week THEARC Master class began painting the trash wall and pulling their clips together for a video installation. The students were hard at work for the duration of the time. We patched up parts of the wall with trash and then they began to paint with brushes. Some of the brushes were large. Some of them were small. But, the students were working hard, and we had a visitor from the MAT program, Jordan Sanders to observe and help out. The students ended the class looking at the clips that I compiled and edited for them. I even taught a small lesson in downloading videos from the interweb.

I think everyone enjoyed the efforts that I put into the job. I am really excited about what this wall will look like when it is finished! The students packed their bags up and Tara reminded everyone about the field trip. Last Saturday was a really good class.

Elana :-)

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What’s To Happen Next?

Last week the students were ready to paint some more and finally finish everything, and with so much enthusiasm too! Once everyone finished their paintings, they were told to remember the subject we talked about last class which were things they didn’t like about their neighborhoods. “What are we gonna do with that?” one student asked. That was a great question because I was wondering what was to come next, myself. Mr. Tang then said, “We will be drawing what we don’t like about our neighborhoods on a piece of paper, and we will also be drawing your own solution to that problem! Then we’ll take your drawings, and create a mural!” The students’ eyes grew as large as saucers and some even cocked their heads in bewilderment. I sensed an air of intimidation and self doubt within the kids, but I made sure to talk to any student that needed guidance. We ran out of time, so their homework was to continue drawing their murals. We didn’t have class this week due to Columbus Day, so they’ve got a lot of time to think about how they’ll compose their drawing, and once they get back I’m sure they’ll have a lot to share! ‘Til next time!

Leah Sims- TA

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