On Why You Should Visit Semarang

If you have enough of typical travel destination in Indonesia, you can visit semarang instead and enjoy something different in both tone and experience. Needless to say, it is no wonder if you never see the city’s name anywhere on any lists of travel suggestions. A great deal of travel publications (both print and online) and news outlets would be more than glad to skip this sleepy town under the impression that it does not have much to offer people. And that is a valid view in any regards albeit somehow quite false to begin with. Semarang might seem lacking on its surface, even for Indonesian tourism’s standard.

When you visit semarang indonesia, it would appear to you clearly that the city does not get similar treatment the way Bali or Lombok enjoys. Deciding on going to the city, for however short of period, would sound like something pointless given just how severely minimal the exposure it receives. Information is available from those who have ever been to the city and even then the information you review would be presented with more subjective nuances to it. People would either love the city or the other way around completely, which makes it hard for you to retrieve the information unbiased.

If you try to explore official websites before you visit semarang central java, you would find it confusing, especially if you are a westerner. Odds are, the websites in question are of Indonesian language with little to no chance of them translatable into different foreign languages. So, what to do then? You can gather as much information you can digest as possible and head to the city with a blank slate. It is this particular factor that adds to the mystique: you arrive at the city without knowing what awaits you and prepare yourself for something totally unexpected. Isn’t that what makes traveling enticing in the first place? So, let’s see some of the best features the city has to offer you:

  1. LawangSewu

The phrase roughly translates into “a thousand doors”, which refers to the fact that this old landmark features “countless” doors. It was once a train office during the Dutch colonial days. Following WWII, the building was converted into military post by the Japanese. Historic accounts aside, what makes the building attractive is the horror stories surrounding it. If this is up your alley, then by all means, take a detour from downtown there.

  1. UmbulSidomukti

UmbulSidomukti is a park designed in a resort-like style that is suitable for family. The area is situated atop Mount Ungaran and it features some adrenaline-inducing activities such as flying fox and a trek across a bridge.

  1. RawaPening

RawaPening is basically a lake south of Semarang. Gorgeous views and scenic panorama are a given but what piques your interest should be the myth surrounding the lake’s formation. Talk to the locals for the story and they would be more than glad to tell you the mythic backgrounds of the lake.



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