Corcoran Gallery of Art

Art Show (Week 8)

Thanks for an awesome summer of camp.  See you next year!

camp2011wk8 162

camp2011wk8 160

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Week 8 Art Show

Thanks to everyone for a great last week, and a wonderful summer!  See you next year!

Art Show 1

Art Show 2

Art Show 3

Art Show 4

Art Show 5

Art Show 6

Art Show 7

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Week 8: Tour (Thursday)

Students in both Studio D and C learned more about “making art from feeling”  while venturing through the current Chris Martin exhibit spaces in the gallery. Participating in group activities and discussions, campers manipulated paper swatches and found-objects to help interpret and relay their own emotional responses to their favorite pieces. Intertwined within the paintings are feelings tied to memories of people, places and lived experiences that all student campers could appreciate and relate to during the tour.

camp2011wk8 111

camp2011wk8 104

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Into the Deep Blue Sea (Day 4)

Deep Blue 3_1

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Mosaic Madness (Day 4)

Mosaic 3_1

Mosaic 3_2

Mosaic 3_3

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Starry Night (Day 4)

Starry 2_1

Starry 2_2

Starry 2_3

Starry 2_4

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Mural Mayhem (Day 4)

Mural 2_1

Mural 2_2

Mural 2_3

Mural 2_4

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Week 8: Digital Art (Wednesday)

Studio D campers continued to work through their independent “family crest” projects today, concentrating on meeting their midweek design goals. Using a digital tablet device to wield designs by hand, Isabella Isacco enrich her art with personal symbols that represent her interests, hobbies and family members. Other campers, like Courtney Davis, also take advantage of the lab time and technology by carefully embellishing personal sketches that have long awaited digital makeovers. No matter the level of experience, however, each student continues to learn and become inspired by their peers and teachers.

camp2011wk8 078

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Week 8: Printmaking (Wednesday)

Campers take relief printmaking to a new level by learning the tools and methods of stamp making. Using linoleum cutters, original sketches, and paint,  each student was then able to create numerous stamps ranging from small designs to large portraits, landscapes and other abstract works.

camp2011wk8 083

camp2011wk8 088

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Week 8: Digital Animation (Tuesday)

Progressing through the finer details of designing their animations, students continue to learn more about the program functions as well as more innovative ways of interpreting their planned designs. Though hard at work and focused in mind, a few small breaks outside were always a welcoming experience for tired eyes and weary backs.

camp2011wk8 074

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