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Week 8: Collage Creations (Tuesday)

Afternoon campers progressed to the final stages of their first projects by gluing and affixing their collage media to their atmospheric paper canvases before moving onto cardboard works. Here, the students were asked to create, design, and cut out a personal symbol that would represent something of significance to them. They will adorn the cardboard symbols with metaphoric assemblages that either oppose or promote the symbolic representation.

camp2011wk8 062

camp2011wk8 061

camp2011wk8 059

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Week 8: Digital Art (Tuesday)

This morning in the lab, the young digital artist began to open up about their work and creative process while steadily making their way through this week’s project. “You don’t always have to paint to be an artist, ” states Anthony Petrillo who has a special interest in advertisement’s use of graphic arts to promote a product. Neighboring camper, Russell Farrow points out that in compared to more traditional methods of art, new digital art allows one “to change things in a million different ways,” thus the means by which to create art are infinite. No matter, all campers continue to focus and keep pace with the days’ challenges as they move forward into the week.

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Week 8: Printmaking (Tuesday)

Today campers explored the use of color, texture, and shapes in order to create collage-like prints portraying two-dimensional images of objects and figures. Materials spanning from vinyl shapes, Bristol and cardboard cut outs to manipulated postcards served as secondary and tertiary field layers while numerous background and foreground colors helped add a new element to the print. In the last minutes of class, however, the campers were shown a new technique using glue which they will incorporate into their work tomorrow. The work continues!

camp2011wk8 047

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Into the Deep Blue Sea (Day 2)

Deep Blue 2_1

Deep Blue 2_2

Deep Blue 2_3

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Mosaic Madness (Day 2)

Mosaic 2_2

Mosaic 2_3

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Mural Mayhem (Day 2)

Mural 1

Mural 2

Mural 3

Mural 4

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Starry Night (Day 2)

Starry 1

Starry 2

Starry 3

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Week 8: Collage Creations (Monday)

Afternoon campers began the week with an exercise in creative perspective by providing the answers to the questions: Who, What, When, Why, and Where? Using their answers as motivation, today’s task was to create an atmosphere in which each added medium would relay, as a tool of interpretation, the story to the viewer. Use of liquid watercolor and oil pastels on paper gave way to many unique and colorful collage creations.

camp2011wk8 029

camp2011wk8 025

camp2011wk8 022

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Week 8: Digital Animation (Monday)

For a first day in the Computer Lab, Studio D campers made an exceptional amount of progress while under the pressure of completing individual studio work. Each student will work at their own pace to complete a personal animated project using the digital illustration computer programming. The motivation to master the technology and conceive a concept into being is balanced well with the exciting sense of accomplishment each step completed brings.

camp2011wk8 035

camp2011wk8 032

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Into the Deep Blue Sea (Day 1)

Deep Blue 1

Deep Blue 2

Deep Blue 3

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